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Join a Click

Finding your Click is so easy! You will find there are so many different Clicks to choose from. Once you’ve found a Click you’d like to join, just call to let us know you’re coming and we’ll see you there!





The Power of a Praying Woman – 7pm

7 Actions of a Wise Woman – 7pm

Man Up – 7pm

The Power of a Praying Parent – 7pm





DL Seniors -10am

Mums and Bubs – 9am

The Power of a Praying Wife – 7:00pm

The Clip Click – 6:30pm





Men’s Bible Study – 7pm

Ladies Movie night Click – 7pm

Chosen – 6:30pm

Pathfinders – 7pm

God’s Strong Warriors – 6:30pm

S.O.A.R. – 7pm

Women’s Bible Study – 7pm

Beyond Casual Christianity – pm

Play & Pray – 12:30pm

Young Married Couples Click – 7pm

Moms and Sons Click – 7pm

Get Fired Up Pottery – 6:30pm





FellaShip Men’s Click – 7pm

The Plug – 7pm

Life Coaching – 6pm





Family Fun Click – 6:30pm

Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl – 9:30am





Pursuant  – 6pm

God’s Design for us Singles Click – 7pm

#Fama-lama-lee Fun – 2pm

Volleyball League – 5pm





Fort Myers Live Stream Click – 10am