What is DL Worship?

Worship in our Weekend Experiences plays a huge part in carrying out our God-given vision to Make Disciples: New Ones & Better Ones. Everything we do is rooted in reaching the lost and broken in our world. We strive to create an environment that is current, cutting edge, and progressive. We accomplish this in three areas – Band, Production, and Creative.



DL Band

DL Band consists of qualified, gifted musicians and vocalists who strive for excellence in every Weekend Experience. Careful selections of songs, including style and relevance, are of utmost importance. We believe that our worship can change lives, break strongholds, lift burdens and set the captives free.


DL Production

DL Production is a pivotal component in creating an environment for worship. Without the sacrifices and efforts of our production team, our Weekend Experiences would not be possible.  The production team is made up of many different positions, and there is always a need and desire for more volunteers to join!

Production Includes : Producers, Directors, Stage Technicians, Camera Operators, Lighting Engineers, Sound Engineers, Computer Operators, and Photographers


DL Creative

DL Creative is full of artists from many backgrounds. These artists are a part of the process for designing our Sermon Notes, Graphics, and different art projects to help propel the vision and ministry of Discover Life Church!

DL Creative Includes : Sketch Artists, Painters, and Graphic Artists


If your interested in auditioning for DL Band, please fill out the Audition Form.

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