Finding a Life Group

1. Decide on the type of Life Group that you are interested in joining as well as what days you are available to attend. This will allow the connection process to be easier.

2. Find the Life Group that is the best fit in the list below. Simply click on that group and submit the request to join! Your Life Group Leader will follow up with details of the group.

3. Visit the Life Group and get ready for an amazing journey!

How To Start A Life Group

Step 1: Pitch Your Proposal – Please fill out LG Application HERE

Step 2: Attend Life Group Facilitator Training Session

Step 3: Start Your Life Group

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Life Group List As of January 4, 2015


Real Life-Real Answers/6pm/Jerry and Valerie West/1st and 3rd Sunday Full Life Group-No one can sign up

Family Lyfe/3pm/Nina and Tony Pelliccio/Melbourne

Sunday Morning Recap/6pm/Cliff and Meg Torres/ Full Life Group-No one can sign up


Zumba/6pm/Marilyn Borges/Discover Life Church

So You Think You Can Cook?/7pm/Sean Solomon/Discover Life Church

Good Grief/7pm/Maureen Driver/Palm Bay


Seniors/10am/Ken Sr. and Shirley Hitte/Discover Life Church

SavinGrace/630pm/Learsi Carrasco/Palm Bay

Mom’s Bible Study/630pm 2nd and 4th Tuesday/Maggie Humphrey/Discover Life Church/Women Only

American Sign Language/7pm/Bi-weekly/Bill Segall/Palm Bay

Teen Bible Study/7pm/Allen Lewis/Melbourne

The Frazzled Female/7pm/Peggy Nicks/Melbourne/Women Only Full Life Group-No one can sign up


Faith Builders/7pm/Joe and Barbara Walters/ Discover Life Church Full Life Group-No one can sign up

Real Life Student Ministries/7pm/Alex and Bethany Austin/Discover Life Church

Men of Honor/7pm/Darrell Long/Sarno Pizza, Melbourne/Men Only

Get Over Yourself/7pm/Myra Caudill and Deborah Lape/Palm Bay/Women Only

Momentum/630pm/Sarai Escarment/Ages 25-35/Sun shop, Downtown Melbourne

Beyond Casual Christianity/630pm/Javier LaBoy/West Melbourne


Mommy and Me Playgroup/930am 1st and 3rd Thursday/Kelly Roselle/Location TBD on Facebook/Women Only

Mom’s Bible Study/930am 2nd and 4th Thursday/Kelly Roselle/Discover Life Church/Women Only

Only 4 Him/7pm/Ann Marie Heinly/Melbourne/Women Only

Life Under Construction/7pm/Danny and Mary Shearer

Young Adults/8pm/Josh and Grace Spivack/Ages 18-25

No Excuses/7pm/Peter and Sorines Lopez/Discover Life Church


Sistas/930am/Cindy Lewis and LaShawnda Golida/Paradise Beach/Women Only

Roots of Our Faith/7pm/Brian and Renae Mahoney

Drumming Disciples/7pm/Nate Rosario/Discover Life Church


Mom’s Brunch/1130am 1st Sat. of the month/Kelly Roselle/Discover Life Church

Road to Excellence/8am/Nate Small/Location TBD monthly