Finding a Life Group

1. Decide on the type of Life Group that you are interested in joining as well as what days you are available to attend. This will allow the connection process to be easier.

2. Find the Life Group that is the best fit in the list below. Simply click on that group and submit the request to join! Your Life Group Leader will follow up with details of the group.

3. Visit the Life Group and get ready for an amazing journey!

How To Start A Life Group

Step 1: Pitch Your Proposal – Please fill out LG Application HERE

Step 2: Attend Life Group Facilitator Training Session

Step 3: Start Your Life Group

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 Please contact me about joining or starting a Life Group

Life Group List As of May 20th



Discovering Discipleship/11:30am/Richard Leong and Len Shannon/Discover Life Church-Melbourne



So You Think You Can Cook? /7pm/Sean Solomon/Discover Life Church-Melbourne Full Life Group

Good Grief/7pm/Maureen Driver/Palm Bay

Behind the Curtain/ 6:30pm/Monica Barnes/Discover Life Church-Melbourne

Lover of My Soul/7pm 1st and 3rd /Antonio and Valeka Carter/Discover Life Church-Melbourne

Our Father, Daddy, Mommy, and Me!/7pm/Antonio and Valeka Carter/Discover Life Church-Melbourne

God Is Closer Than You Think/6:30pm/Anil and Patti Jodhan/Melbourne

Get Over Yourself And Walk/9am/Sarah Lopez/Wickham Park/Women



Seniors/10am/Ken Sr. and Shirley Hitte/Discover Life Church-Melbourne

American Sign Language/7pm/Bi-weekly/Bill Segall/Palm Bay

Gods At War/Tuesday/6:30pm/Anil and Patti Jodhan/Melbourne

Young Adults/7:22pm/PJ Lopez and Jade Chapman/Location Stay tuned…Follow us on Instagram @ yaboldgroup/ Ages 18-30



Faith Builders/7pm/Joe and Barbara Walters/ Discover Life Church-Melbourne Full Life Group

Men of Honor/7pm/Darrell Long/Sarno Pizza, Melbourne/Men

Get Over Yourself/7pm/Myra Caudill and Deborah Lape/Palm Bay/Women

Momentum/7pm/Sarai Escarment/Ages 25-35/Sun shop, Downtown Melbourne

Beyond Casual Christianity/630pm/Javier LaBoy and Rebekah Brooks/West Melbourne

DL Student Life Groups/7pm

-High school Boys Student Life Group/Contact PJ: 774-303-6607

-High School Girls Student Life Group/Contact Nikki: 321-720-5849

-Middle School Boys Student Life Group/Contact Alex: 443-907-8147

-8th Grade Girls Student Life Group/Contact Bethany: 410-618-7281

-6th-7th Grade Girls Student Life Group/Contact Kathryn: 321-506-9617



Only 4 Him/7pm/Ann Marie Heinly/Melbourne/Women Full Life Group

Life Under Construction/7pm/Danny and Mary Shearer Full Life Group

Word-Working Tools/10:30am/Betsy Cosmos/Satellite Beach



Sistas/930am/Cindy Lewis/Paradise Beach/Women

Roots of Our Faith/7pm/Brian and Renae Mahoney/Melbourne

Marriage Builders/7pm/Darrell and Michelle Long/Palm Bay



We Believe/1st & 3rd /8am/Charles Joy/Location TBD/Men

DLC Homeschool Families/Facebook/Occasional Outings/Sarah Lopez