Students who call Discover Life Church home are asked to get involved in everything we do.  They’re connected through Clicks.  They volunteer.  They give their resources. They invite their friends and family to our weekend worship experiences.  They’re not waiting to make an impact.  Students are making a difference in our city, right now. Our students are on the front lines leading in our church and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe this present generation of students has the potential to be used by God in a way that surpasses every other generation in history.

DL Student Clicks are all about investing in the next generation. Through relationship with God and with each other, students are discipled and encouraged to be the world changers God intended them to be.

The Plug

Leaders: PJ Lopez | Collin Brown | Chad Austin

Contact: PJ – 774-641-2050; Collin – 321-427-4131; Chad – 443-907-3205

Location: Please contact us for information.

Date and Time: Thursdays – 7pm

Info: This Click is for high schoolers and meets in Melbourne, FL on Thursday nights; contact PJ, Collin, or Chad for address.


Leaders: Nikki Cramer

Contact: Nikki – 321-720-5849 |

Location: Contact Nikki for full address

Date and Time: Wedesdays – 6:30pm

Info: This Click is for Highschool girls


Leader: Anton and Atanas Farley

Contact: 321-698-1854

Location: Changes periodically, please contact Anton for information.

Date and Time: Wednesdays – 7pm

Info: This Click is for boys 6th grade and up

God’s Strong Warriors

Leader: Symone Love

Contact: 321-446-4559 |

Location: Contact Symone for full address

Date and Time: Wednesdays – 6:30pm

Info: This Click is for girls in 6th grade and up