This series is for anyone who has ever lost their cool, or simply let their emotions get the best of them. Maybe you struggle with depression or have a serious need for some anger management. Whatever your struggle is, we will learn how to live a life yielded to the Holy Spirit and to Keep Jack in the Box.

Melbourne Campus

10am | 11:30am | 5pm

Palm Bay Campus

9:30am | 11am







One week left!
April 27th

Every day, we as Christians are surrounded by opinions and theories. What we accept as truth may really only be part of the whole truth – this can even be the case for what we hear about the Bible and what it says. In this series, Pastor Ken will cover some of the most misunderstood and misconstrued ideas and principles in the Bible. You’re not gonna hear a part of what’s true, you’re gonna hear THE WHOLE TRUTH.


Melbourne Campus

Wednesday: 6:47pm





Mother'sDay PB

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special time of the year when we get to give back to the person who has given so much to us. We know that being a mother is a tough job, and its not always flowers and chocolate! But this day is all about YOU mom, so smell all the flowers and eat all the chocolates you want!


Melbourne Campus

10am | 11:30am | 5pm

Palm Bay Campus

9:30am | 11am





Find Your Click!

Starting the Week of May 1st


At Discover Life Church, WE CLICK! We want you to find a group of friends that you can do life with! Following the conclusion of our mid-week series, we will be resuming our Clicks. So if you’re not in a Click yet OR want to start a Click, CLICK HERE.






Lifer’s Experience

May 1st

Our Lifer’s Experience is for anyone wanting to make Discover Life Church their home church. This is a great chance to plug in, learn about the vision of Discover Life Church. Child care and food is provided.
Register HERE and save your spot!


Melbourne Campus 
Sunday – 10am

Palm Bay Campus 
Sunday – 10am





Friday Fest

May 13th


Every second Friday of the month our church has a booth in Historic Downtown Melbourne. We use this awesome opportunity to talk to people about Jesus and what He is doing here at Discover Life Church. Be sure to make plans to come Downtown at Friday Fest and stop by to say hello!






May 15th

One of the most exciting parts of our Christian faith is the public profession through water baptism. This action of being submersed and resurfacing a transformed, new person in Christ is a command from God, and a privilege for us as a church to be a part of! If you would like to be baptized, please come to church an hour before our Worship Experience starts for our Baptism Class.
To register for our water baptisms click HERE.





We honor our graduates!

May 22nd


We are so proud of the students at Discover Life Church. Each one of them has gifts, talents, and abilities specific to their calling and God has a plan for each one of them.
On Sunday, May 22nd at our 5pm Melbourne Campus Experience, we will be honoring all of our graduates for the year of 2016.

5pm at the Melbourne Campus

If you or one of your children are graduating this year, please sign up below!

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 Please contact me about honoring our Graduates







July 11th & 15th

This summer our students will be going to Daytona Beach again this year for a week long camp at the beach! This week is an amazing opportunity for our students to find God, grow in their relationship with him, make new friendships, and HAVE FUN! This will no doubt be the best week in your student’s summer.
This camp is for students going into 7 grade in fall 2016 to 12th graders graduating in 2016.

DEPOSITS overdue
This holds your spot for camp
($60 non-refundable)


This pays for your beach-front hotel, food, and camp registration for the week.
($250 totalling $310 non-refundable)

For more info about Student life Camps please visit